The night of August 19th, 2014 was not without some struggles, but was still refreshingly peaceful by recent Ferguson standards.

There was only a few moments of tension, and the police did have to use some forms of crowd control, including rubber bullets and some mace. To many protesters’ relief, no tear gas was used.

Tonight saw the isolation and arrest of various violent individuals, now mostly known as “agitators”. Many of the arrested agitators were revealed to be out-of-towners who appeared to have purposefully gathered to spur the situation towards violence.

Community leaders and peacemakers played an invaluable part in keeping the peace, rising spectacularly to the challenge; at one point, many linked hands and formed a human wall between protesters and police.

Earlier in the protests, a Thomas the Tank Engine Peace Train was driving through, adding a whimsical touch. Unfortunately, it was ordered away by police officers.

A rising concern seems to be the handling of media and the media staging areas (“media pens”), and the growing amount of media personnel on the ground — while intentions appear to be good all around, the sheer amount of people covering the situation has made things unruly. Hopefully there will a solution soon.

It is expected that protesters will be gathering again in the morning for important developments in the Michael Brown case. We can only hope that their patience and grief will see some reward.

Presser summary:

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